Eversource & United Illuminating keeping close eye on Thursday’s storm

Eversource says it is prepared to handle the forecasted winter storm. (File- WTNH)

BERLIN, Conn. (WTNH) — It’s the calm before the storm.

Eversource is keeping a close eye on Thursday’s weather as it moves closer to Connecticut, especially the strong winds.

“Winds are always the biggest concern for us when they are up in the 40, 50 mph range. That can be considered hazard winds,” said Tricia Modifica, spokesperson for Eversource. That means there could be power outages across the state. If you’re left in the dark you need to report the outage.

“Don’t assume that your neighbor reported the outage and that will cover you as well,” said Modifica. “We need to know your power is out.”

If you need to report a power outage to Eversource, click here.

Losing power during this bitter blast of cold can be downright dangerous. Experts say bump up the heat in your home before the storm so in the event you do lose power your home will stay warmer longer. If your power goes out, it’s recommended you:

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If your power goes out during the storm, be mindful of the fact that it may take some time before it comes back on.

“We can’t have our crews up in bucket trucks with the wind that high, so there may be times where our guys can’t work and they have to wait it out. So be patient,” said Modifica.

United Illuminating also monitoring the weather situation for Thursday. Reminding customers to make sure their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors are working, never use a generator inside your home or a garage and never use an appliance to stay warm.

If you lose power and your home becomes unbearable because of the cold weather, it’s recommended you go into your basement. Often times, it’s a bit warmer because of the insulation from the ground.