Power outage concerns ahead of Thursday’s storm

NEW HAVEN, Conn. (WTNH)– Thursday’s storm is supposed to bring a good amount of snow and high winds. That is a tough combination that often leads to power outages.

Most people don’t expect their power to go out but it happens. And the last thing you want is to be in the dark and the cold, especially in these dangerously cold temperatures.

Before the storm gets here, it’s recommended that you bump the heat up a bit in your home. This way if you do lose power, your house will stay warmer a bit longer.

Test your generator if you have one. And if you need to use it, remember it should stay outside. Never in your house or garage.

If you use firewood, have it easily accessible.

To keep your home warm if you lose power, avoid opening and closing exterior doors during the storm because it lets all that frigid air in. Closing the interior doors can help because this keeps unused rooms from cooling down your main living area.

Block any drafts that may be coming from under doorways with a rolled up towel. Also, closing shades and curtains can help insulate your windows and reduce heat loss.

Here’s something else, if you lose power and your home gets too cold, you can sometimes go down in your basement. Often times it’s a little warmer because of insulation from the ground.