Chester is among towns completely without power

CHESTER, Conn. (WTNH) — Chester is known to be a quiet little town, but on Thursday, it was a lot quieter than usual. The entire town was without power.

“Typically when this happens we get really busy,” said Robert Galbraith, General Manager of Pataconk 1850 Bar & Grill. “Last night with the power out we had a good crowd going. So we just ran tabs for everybody and hopefully they come pay today.”

(Photo: Tina Detelj/WTNH)

The only sound which could be heard downtown was the hum of a generator. For the first time in five years, the Pataconk 1850 Bar & Grill fired it up. The generator will power up the register so no more tabs are needed and they plan to serve a limited menu and drinks for those left in the dark.

“The beer will be cold,” said Galbraith. “We have plenty of snow to ice it down if we have to.”

(Photo: Tina Detelj/WTNH)

There are so many trees and branches in Chester that there are some that don’t even have any traffic cones or barriers around them right now. One family took a chance and drove underneath a fallen tree suspended only by a power line.

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Chester, along with Madison, Deep River, Killingworth, and Westbrook were among the many areas plagued with downed trees and power lines.

“No internet, no TV, no heat. We have fireplaces, thank God,” said Olivia Leary of Westbrook.

“Oh, it was cold,” said Michael Leary. “We were covered in blankets all night. We all had to get extras. We were all fighting for the biggest blanket.”

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(Photo: Tina Detelj/WTNH)

Olivia and Michael say a branch from the same tree knocked down the same pole last year and they don’t expect power to come back on anytime soon.

“A week last time, it was a week,” said Olivia Leary.

“We think the restoration will be a multi-day effort and we’ll be at it until all of our customers are back up and running,” said Frank Poirot of Eversource.