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Where is Winter?

I know that this weather has been unusual and many are probably wondering, where is the snow? Well I think we are going to have to wait a li…


Rainy Day on the Way

Good evening I’m Chris Bouzakis and yet it was another dry day with a mix of sun and clouds with some milder air as we have that high still …


Late Summer Heat

With 21 days till fall you’d think temps would start to be on the cooler side of things. Well, summer doesn’t want to leave Connecticut as y…

Sun and clouds

Break from the Heat!

Finally a break from the heat and humidity here in Connecticut


Raw start to the week

Rain, rain and more rain! Thats what many Connecticut citizens have been dealing with since yesterday, and will continue with today and for …

Yucky weather on both sides of the week

Today wasn’t the best of days as Connecticut residents woke up to rain and chilly weather! Many of us just want it to be warm and sunny. Wel…


More snow for Spring

Well it’s the day we have all been waiting for…spring! But it’s not coming in like we wish. 50’s and sunny NOPE more like 30’s and snowy. Ye…

spring countdown

Feeling like spring!

Yes, it does feel like spring with temps being up above freezing after having such a brutal winter.


Say it ain't snow again!

Ole man winter just doesn’t want to let go of Connecticut as yet another system is impacting the state bringing snow and closing schools. No…


More White Stuff!!

We’ll another day of shoveling, that’s what many Connecticut residents are doing after a decent winter event impacted the area last night dr…