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Water Temperatures Still Very Cold

Beach and boating will quickly become popular as the temperatures heat up but keep in mind water temperatures may still be dangerous.

Poor Air Quality Today

The heat gets turned on here in Connecticut the next couple days which will lower the air quality, here’s why!

Saturday Soaker

Another day that features rain here in Connecticut. Here’s the timeline

Can it snow in May?

If you think the clouds and rain are bad, how about 20 inches of snow! Yes, it could be worse. Here’s the story!

A Soaker Today

Heavy rain and thunder are in the forecast for today. Here’s the latest timing and thinking!

Heavy rain tomorrow – timeline here

After a frosty start to the day this morning we’ll see temperatures climb into the 60s this afternoon. But there’s more rain on the way for …

Frost in the forecast tonight

Tonight the temperatures are expected to get down into the 30s which means there’s a threat for frost.