martial arts

Self defense techniques for women

Martial Arts Instructor/Actor Alex Ziwak demonstrates a few women’s self defense techniques and talk about his role in Blue Bloods.

ice cave

What’s Brewing- March 4, 2015

On today’s what’s brewing, Ryan and Ali tell us about a huge ice cave in Canada, show us monks having a snowball fight, and discuss a study …

pasta fusul

In the Kitchen: Pasta Fasul

Owner/Executive Chef Silvio Suppa from Cafe Allegre/WoodWinds and Italian Historian/Author/Photographer Anthony Riccio show us how to make P…

cesar milan

Cesar Milan talks new season of show

Teresa Skypes with the world’s most famous dog whisperer and author, Cesar Milan, who tells us about the newest season of his show Cesar 911…


What’s Brewing- March 3, 2015

On today’s what’s brewing, Ryan and Ali talk about a study involving peanut allergies and introduce us to a new anti-smartphone phone.

working mom

Tips for Working Moms

Check out some tips for work out-of-the-home mothers and how to have a work/life balance.

egg mcmuffin

What’s Brewing- March 2, 2015

On today’s what’s brewing, Ryan and Teresa tell us about the new twist on McDonald’s Egg McMuffin and the brand new girl scouts’ cookie oven…

crowdfunding charity

Crowdfunding for a Purpose

From “The World’s Most Super Amazing 100% Awesome Cat Calendar,” to a sandwich maker called the Grilled Cheesus, crowdfunding is used for ju…