What’s Brewing- March 25, 2015

On today’s what’s brewing, Ryan and Teresa talk about a report that lists the best and worst places to retire and a list of foods that help …


One Visit Dentistry

Dentist/Business owner Dr. Renee Kurtz from Highland Dental talks about one visit dentistry.

dr. pepper grandma

What’s Brewing- March 24, 2015

On today’s what’s brewing, Teresa and Ryan tell us how to spell commonly misspelled phrases and tell us about a 104-year-old who credits her…


Planning for a new puppy

Co-owner of Dogology, Frances Schroeder, talks about puppies for National Puppy Day.

ryan mcdonalds

What’s Brewing- March 23, 2015

On today’s what’s brewing, Ryan shows us his day working at McDonald’s when people were paying it forward with random acts of kindess and hi…