Knitting for the Holidays

Owners Julia Bogardus and Linda Reis of Knit New Haven talk knitting: current popularity, holiday knitting ideas, and their shop in downtown…

peanut butter huhus

In the Kitchen: Peanut Butter Huhus

Owner, Chef, Designer Jenna Short from SHORTBREAD NYC talks Cooking Allergy free – Simple Inspired Meals for Everyone.

coupon lady

Tips to save on the holidays

CT Coupon Lady Gina Juliano talks about how the holidays can be really stressful especially when we try to make them so special for our fami…

epi laski

Benefits of Epi-LASIK

Ophthalmologist Jeffrey D. Gold, MD from Liberty Vision, along with patient Chemist Wallace Pringle talk about Epi-LASIK.

fall weather fashion

Fall Weather Fixes

Blogger and Lifestyle Expert Shaunya Hartley from Shop, Eat and Sleep shows us some Fall Weather Beauty Fixes.

diabetes pannel

American Diabetes Month

Executive Director Chris Boynton of American Diabetes Association, Plastic Surgeon Dr. Beth Collins and Registered Dietician, Education Coor…

lisa lanno

Increasing Your Intuition

Psychic Spirit Medium/Paranormal Researcher Lisa Lanno talks about increasing your intuition.

food bank

Giving Back While Eating Healthy

President & CEO Nancy Carrington and Valarie Gelb from The BarnYard Group talk Giving Back While Eating Healthy.

turkey dip

Turkey Dip for Muscular Dystrophy

Chairman Jim Mahoney and Meteorologist Gil Simmons talk about the 38th annual Turkey Dip for Muscular Dystrophy.

shepard's pie

In the Kitchen: Shepard’s Pie

Owner of The Fig Cooking School Heide Lang shows us how to make Shepard’s Pie: A Perfect Autumn Meal.