New Haven police

Concerns for homeless community’s safety, security after dismemberment

Local shelters are worried about the personal safety and security of New Haven’s homeless after 54-year-old Ray Roberson’s limbs were found …

WTNH/ Stephanie Gailhard

Body parts investigation worrying New Haven residents and workers

In the center of the bustling city, New Haven police are investigating a gruesome crime. A human torso was found Thursday inside an abandone…

FILE - In this image takem from a November 2012 video made available by Paula French, a well-known, protected lion known as Cecil strolls around in Hwange National Park, in Hwange, Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe's wildlife minister says extradition is being sought for Walter Palmer, the American dentist who killed a Cecil. (Paula French via AP)

Zimbabwe: American lion killer’s extradition being sought

New Details

Zimbabwe intends to seek the extradition of an American dentist who killed a lion that was lured out of a national park and shot with a bow …