Cruisin’ Connecticut – “Shred Your Ex” Valentine’s Workout with “I Love Kickboxing”

Ryan Kristafer takes you to “I Love Kickboxing” in Orange, CT to learn about their “Shred Your Ex” Valentine’s workout.

Committee hears debate over elderly-disabled housing concerns

News 8 Investigators

Gail Sokolnicki spent her morning at her mother’s funeral and her afternoon testifying before lawmakers in Hartford about the assault that s…

Cruisin’ Connecticut – A Step or Two from “La La Land” at Fred Astaire in West Hartford

Ryan Kristafer takes you to Fred Astaire Dance Studio in West Hartford to show you some of the moves from Oscar-nominated film “La La Land”


Cruisin’ Connecticut – A Sweet Treat for Your Sweetheart at Marjolaine Pastry Shop

Ryan Kristafer brings takes you into the kitchen at Marjolaine Pastry Shop in New Haven, to make some special treats for Valentine’s Day!

Reporter’s Notebook: What It Was Like to Interview Rescued Boater Nathan Carman

It was Monday morning, Sept. 26, when the news desk asked me to monitor a U.S. Coast Guard “presser” out of Boston — a press conference abo…