In this Nov. 8, 2014 photo, ATV and dirt bike riders cruise illegally on a city street in Bridgeport, Conn. Groups of such riders gather through word of mouth or social media to ride through cities, pulling stunts and evading police. Two of the bikers were caught after wrecking their rides, and police were able to arrest seven others after their ride was over. To avoid a public safety hazard, state and local policies prohibit officers from chasing them. (AP Photo/Connecticut Post, Autumn Driscoll)

Police seize 20 ATV’s, arrest 9 people

New Haven Police, in conjunction with departments in East Haven, North Haven, and the Connecticut State Police have arrested 9 people who we…

2015-09-01 heart age

Do you know your heart age?

They say you’re only as old as you feel, and in many respects that might be true, but an online tool suggests that when it comes to heart he…

2015-09-01 htfd homicide

Residents emotional after Hartford’s 24th homicide of the year


The capitol city could be on track to break a record for violent crime by the end of the year. In a matter of eight hours there were two fat…