Cruisin’ Connecticut – A Marine Medallion: Mayflower II at Mystic Seaport

Ryan Kristafer sets sail to give you a tour of the Mayflower II, which is being restored at Mystic Seaport just in time for Thanksgiving.


Staying safe during deer hunting season

All was quiet today at Center Sports. That’s because many of the customers and workers were out in the woods for this opening day of deer hu…


Cruisin’ Connecticut – Race Car Driver Beats the Odds on the Autism Spectrum

19-year-old, Madison, CT native and professional race car driver, Devin O’Connell explains how racing is helping his diagnosis on the Autism…


Fall Energy Saving Tips

It is November and the cooler weather has rolled its way into Connecticut. You probably don’t need me to tell you, but as is the case this t…

- FILE - Veterans talking with school children in Hebron (WTNH)

Veterans honored at elementary school

It was a day to honor veterans at Hebron Elementary School. Those who served were invited into several classrooms to mark the holiday.