Homerun for Heroes

Homerun for Heroes is kicking off in Bridgeport this Saturday, an event that raises money for veterans across the state.

YMCA Preschool Program

Kids will be back to school before we know it, so it’s important we look into getting our toddlers into a school program sooner rather than …

How To Make Solar Eclipse Cookies

The total solar eclipse has been taking the country by storm, from deals, to social media, to proper glasses, to cookies? Marni Esposito wit…

Preparing for tax free week

School is officially right around the corner, and that means the shopping season is here. But there is some good news. With school being her…

Delicious Ceviche meal for your family

Life can be very hectic and so can getting your families to eat healthy. We are sharing another easy ‘8 minute meal’, this one is called Cev…

Connecticut Open kicks off this Friday

New Haven is getting ready to serve up another big tournament this weekend, and the big names are preparing for some important match ups.

Reducing back to school stress

With all the excitement the new school year brings, it also brings stress and anxiety for everyone including parents and kids.