When GPS doesn’t work

Have you ever trusted your GPS to get you somehere you’ve never been before, only to find out that the electronic map you’re looking at is w…

branford fest

Branford Festival 2014

President of The Shoreline Chamber of Commerce Ed Lazarus talks about Branford Festival 2014.

healthy bbq

Eating Healthy at BBQ’s

Eating Healthy at BBQ’s isn’t as hard as you think. Barb Scala gives ideas on how to eat healthy, and please any crowd that joins you during…


Expressing emotions in a healthy way

The Social Emotional Learning exhibit at Stepping Stones Museum for Children in Norwalk helps children and parents learn more about the impo…


Report It Recap – June 6, 2014

Your Report It pictures and emails helped us cover some big stories this past week, and captured slices of life in Connecticut.


Five numbers about distracted driving

You’re driving down the road at 55 mph when you glance away to look at your phone, maybe to read or send a text. You only look away for five…

mystery cash

Mystery cash trend arrives in New Haven

If you’ve heard about the new cash craze sweeping the country, it’s finally made its way to Connecticut. And, just like the other places it’…