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Report It Recap – Apr. 11, 2014

It would be easy to think just one thing – well, two things – happened in Connecticut this past week. UConn Huskymania did dominate, but you…


Report It Recap – Mar. 28, 2014

Each week, we go through all the photos, videos and story suggestions you send to NEWS 8 looking for the best for our Report It Recap, and w…


Report It Recap – Mar. 21, 2014

A lot of green and a few things out of the ordinary popped up in the Report It inbox this week. Here's Chris Velardi s Friday Report It Reca…


Report It Recap – Mar. 14, 2014

We asked for pictures that showed Spring is around the corner in Connecticut, and you delivered. Here's this week's Report it Recap from Chr…


Report It Recap – Mar. 7, 2014

This week's Report It Recap features a cat in the hat, a deer in danger, and the president stopping traffic in Connecticut.

Free Snow

Report It Recap – Feb. 21, 2014

A lot of crazy winter weather hit Connecticut this week, so as you might expect we got a lot of winter photos in this week's Report it Recap…


Photos: Another Week, Another Snow Storm

… or at least that is what it feels like this month for folks across the state of Connecticut. Here is a Report It gallery of your snow ph…

Report It Recap

Report It Recap – Feb. 14, 2014

We loved the pictures you sent to Report It during the storm, but that's not all you showed us with your pictures and videos this week.

Report It Recap

Report It Recap – Feb. 7, 2014

After two snow storms in one week, there were many things worth snapping photos of around the state: kids enjoying the snow day, snowmen of …