Report It! Recap: October 21, 2016

Mother Nature is painting our state with a broad brush. The foliage photos capture the very essence of the season. Red, yellow and orange: t…

Report It Recap: October 7, 2016

From great weather shots to some serious stories in the past week, we’ve seen some great shots come into our Report It inbox.

Report-It Recap April 8, 2016

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Report-It Recap: January 29, 2016

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It may be a new year and a chance for people to make new memories, but let’s take a look back at the final week of 2015.

Report-It Recap December 11, 2015

(WTNH) — The Report-It Recap inbox is full of holiday cheer. First off, Happy Hanukkah! Since Sunday you’ve been lighting the menorahs and s…