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Parking meter. (File)

Ticket discount to ‘Beat the Boot’

If you have an old parking ticket that you never bothered to pay in Hartford, you now have a chance to pay off that ticket at a discount pri…

Traffic on the newly opened Exit 47 from I-95 S to Route 34 is seen to the left in this picture, taken June 17, 2014.

New Route 34 exit open

The Department of Transportation opened a new ramp to Route 34 from I-95 southbound Tuesday morning, but delays angered some commuters.

Car and dump truck collide on Coventry St. and Tower Ave. in Hartford, June 16, 2014. (WTNH / Kevin Frederick)

Car, dump truck collide in Hartford

Hartford police this morning are investigating an accident involving a car and a dump truck that left one person in critical condition.