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Five numbers about distracted driving

You’re driving down the road at 55 mph when you glance away to look at your phone, maybe to read or send a text. You only look away for five…

Truck safety inspection is conducted as part of the state of Connecticut's Roadcheck program. (file).

Annual truck safety inspection underway

If you saw trucks getting pulled over today, it’s because of a three-day safety push began this morning. It’s designed to keep all of us saf…

Report It picture of truck fire on I-84 eastbound in Southbury, May 30, 2014. (WTNH Report It / Peter)

Truck fire snarls I-84 traffic

A tractor trailer fire closed lanes and slowed down the morning commute for drivers in the Southbury/Middlebury area Friday morning.


Commuters rant at Metro-North

The criticism of Metro-North for its latest problems affecting commuters were very apparent on Twitter this morning.