A Real “Aprily” Theme

Check out the full 8 day forecast HERE. Morning clouds have been tough to move out, but expect plenty of sun this afternoon. High and dry to…


Giving it a B+

Check out the 8 day forecast by CLICKING HERE. Cloudy skies are here with a warm front lifting north of the area tomorrow morning. Clouds, r…


Rain showers tonight

As the coastal storm that impacted us Sunday into Monday, moves farther north and our skies clear out due to a High pressure from the south;…


Roller Coaster Temperatures

Weather Forecast from Student Meteorologist News 8 Intern Krystal Sherland High pressure is in control until tonight. This will allow us to …


“What Takes Them so Long To Plow?”

Even though the trees are starting to bud, it didn’t stop mother nature from dumping inches of snow here on the first day of spring.