Light snow/mix makes for icy commute

The snow is already coming down in some parts of the state and making some slick driving conditions for the morning commute.


Snow to Impact School Again?

More snow talk for Wednesday night into Thursday. Could this impact school? Check out the latest on:

snow roof

Snow removal can prevent roof collapse

Two dozen people at an apartment complex in Montville were evacuated Tuesday after part of their building’s roof collapsed. All that snow on…

snow covered car

Clean the car or pay the penalty

It never fails, after every major snowfall you see vehicles on the road with snow piled high on top. Those drivers are breaking the law.

sidewalk snow

Uncleared sidewalks against the law

Twenty-four hours have now passed since the snow stopped, and if you still haven’t cleared a path in front of your property, you’re violatin…

page 1 cardinal snow

Snow Birds!

Even with all the snow CT has seen lately, it doesn’t stop these beautiful birds from visiting