Why It Will Be Icy Tonight

Whenever we get to this time of the year (highs above freezing, lows below freezing) we always keep an eye out for black ice. On a night lik…


Who Sees Wintry Weather Tomorrow

So the NWS (National Weather Service) has put up a Winter Weather Advisory for most of Inland Connecticut for tomorrow morning. This is for …


Holiday Weekend Forecast

The holiday weekend forecast. There is some rain in the forecast but how will the timing affect your travel.


Where You’ll Have to go to See Snow

So everyone hopes for a white Christmas, but nobody wants to see snow falling when they’re driving down the road right?  Well unless you liv…


The Times, They are a Changin’

First off, welcome to Winter (astronomically)! Meteorological winter is technically from December 1st-the end of February but today is the s…