Heavy rain tomorrow – timeline here

After a frosty start to the day this morning we’ll see temperatures climb into the 60s this afternoon. But there’s more rain on the way for …

Pollen on a ragweed plant.

How to Repel Pollen from your Car

The flowers may look beautiful but the pollen is terrible for your allergies and it looks awful for your car, but you know what?

Frost in the forecast tonight

Tonight the temperatures are expected to get down into the 30s which means there’s a threat for frost.

Cool weather theme likely into mid-May

A cool and unsettled weather pattern is setting up shop in the Northeastern United States, and it may stick around into the middle of May.

Motorcycle Safety Tips

(WTNH)–According to the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration, about 5000 motorcylists lose their lives in accidents each ye…

Tick Season Just Beginning

(WTNH)–“Nearly 50 percent of these ticks were infected with Lyme disease agents, and that spells trouble for the upcoming season.” Don’t say…

The Pattern We Need

It’s really amazing…our drought numbers have improved hugely over the last 5 months. We started off the year like this: It was not a great p…