Snowfall Totals from 1/9/15

Here’s a list of snowfall totals from today! If you have any to add just let me know! #ctwx


How to make your own snow…

Meteorologist @Kevin_Arnone threw water in the air last night and made snow.  Tonight he explains why this happens…


Dangers to your Pets

Temps this cold can bring danger to pets.  Here are some tips every pet owner needs to read!


Using a Humidifier?

Using a humidifier during the dry cold air? Then you need to watch this…


Track the Snow with Radar

A few snow showers moving through Connecticut! Here’s a look at the radar on #wxedge:

cold weather

Health concerns in the bitter cold

Health concerns are a major factor when exposed to the bitter cold. Doctor Dr. Steven Wolf with Emergency Medicine at the Saint Francis Hosp…