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The news coverage you depend on is now in the palm of your hand. The full power of wtnh.com on your desktop is instantly available for your smartphone, tablet or cell phone — and it’s specifically tailored to your device.

Simply open your web browser to wtnh.com. There’s no app to download or update, and you’ll get the full app experience, instantly, on your iPhone, iPad, Android, eReader or hundreds of other devices. Enjoy rich interactive features, like full-screen video and a mobile-friendly interactive radar, all from the experienced local news team you trust.


All the features you love about wtnh.com are optimized for your device, including:

  • Customized home screen with the latest news from the New Haven, Hartford or any other city in Connecticut
  • In-depth stories
  • In-depth stories and photo galleries
  • Breaking News, Weather alerts
  • Interactive Radar with FutureCast
  • Weather Forecasts directly from our award-winning weather team
  • Video Galleries, from local news to international
  • Live Video Stream of our newscasts
  • Blogs from wtnh reporters and meteorologists
  • Updated continuously — no waiting for refreshes

And if you would rather use an app …

wtnh.com is also available as a free app for your iPhone, iPad, iPod and Android devices. Click one of the links below to download, or search wtnh.com from the Apple App Store or the Google Play Store.

Apple iTunes Store LinkGoogle Play Store Link

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