Derek Jeter Forecast

WXedge: Jeter’s Farewell Forecast

Today will be a sad day for not only Yankee fans in New York but baseball fans in general all throughout the country. Derek Jeter, who has b…

brain tumor awareness

Brain Tumor Awareness

News 8 Reporter Stephanie Simoni and Executive Director, CTBTA Kimberly Roy Canning talk Brain Tumor Awareness.

A pregnant woman talks about how she was roughed up by NYPD officers. (WABC)

NYPD probes treatment of pregnant woman

A pregnant woman who was taken to the ground on her stomach during a videotaped altercation with New York City police says she's praying she…


AT&T: UVerse ‘service up & running’

Customers of AT&T Uverse television service across the state say they don't have any picture, and they're not happy about it. The company sa…