Lanno and Kierstin

Spirit Connection Reading

Psychic Spirit Medium-Paranormal Researcher Lisa Lanno does an on-air Spirit Connection Reading.

2104-12-08 Gil Wx

Gil’s Forecast Video

What a storm on the way! Once again this will be mostly rain and not snow! 1″ to 2.5″ of rain expected with a high threat for coastal floodi…


Major Storm on the Way

Major storm on the way with a lot of rain, wind, and even some snow. Details from Storm Team 8’s Gil Simmons.

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Technical Maintenance/IT

Maintain and repair a wide variety of standard and high definition equipment.

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Channel 8/WTNH Media is seeking a Research/Data/Intelligence Manager to join our energetic team of multi-platform professionals.

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Digital Account Executive

The Digital Account Executive must demonstrate a passion for digital advertising and possess a creative and dedicated approach to uncovering…