Video: Tornadoes Slam Nebraska

At least two people have lost their lives as tornadoes rip through part of Nebraska. Sixteen others have been injured by the storm.

New Route 34 exit open

The Department of Transportation opened a new ramp to Route 34 from I-95 southbound Tuesday morning, but delays angered some commuters.

Victims burned in Bristol fire

Two firefighters were injured after battling flames at a multi-family home in Bristol and the families inside got out with just the clothes …

Pete Rose returns to dugout in Bridgeport

Some thought they’d never see this, but after 25 years out of baseball, Pete Rose is back in the game. “I never thought that rose would be b…

Victim of New Britain attack speaks out

A New Britain neighborhood was terrorized this weekend by senseless violence. Three different people, chosen at random, were punched and lef…