A space-age tower, left, and a giant metal globe called the Unisphere, right, structures remaining from the 1964 World's Fair, looms above a passing LIRR train on Tuesday April 1, 2014 in the Queens borough of New York. (AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews)

Revisiting NYC’s 1964 World’s Fair, 50 years later

You can just barely see them through the window of the No. 7 subway as it rattles into the elevated station in Corona, Queens: a gigantic steel sphere, two rocket ships, and towers that appear to be capped by flying saucers.…

Fashion show features recycled paper

It's a unique way to look at reusing and recycling on Earth Day -- Students at Quinnipiac University are holding a fashion show made from recycled materials. Noelle Gardner shows us some of the looks in this clip from Good Morning Connecticut.…

Man shot in head in Hartford

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)–A Hartford man has been taken to the hospital after being shot in the head on Monday night following an exchange of gunfire, according to â�¦


Legislators debate lottery game “Keno”

HARTFORD, Conn. (WTNH)–Earlier this year, legislative leaders said they were going to repeal the popular lottery game called “Keno,” but on Monâ�¦

Sleep apnea commonly misdiagnosed, can lead to health problems

Sleep apnea is more common than you think and is often under-diagnosed. It's important to know the warning signs because insufficient sleep is linked to a number of chronic conditions, among them diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and depression.…

Voice of the People: April 21, 2014

And we showed you the video before of Senator Blumenthal almost getting hit by that train. Well it's something a lot of you have been calling in about. Here's tonight's voice of the people.…