Report It Recap – Sept. 19, 2014

They say “seeing is believing” and this past week we saw quite a bit. Some of it was beautiful; some of it was unusual.

Connecticut Day at the Big E

Got a craving for a chocolate covered pickle? How about some fried Oreos? Today’s a good day to go looking for that at The Big E.

“Big E” Festival

The annual “Big E” festival is kicking off this Friday.

Comedian Joan Rivers dies

Joan Rivers, the raucous, acid-tongued comedian who crashed the male-dominated realm of late-night talk shows and turned Hollywood red carpe…

Where’s Your Garden’s Water From?

By Karen Filchak UConn Extension Educator Photo: Clemson Extension Water for farms and gardens can come from several possible sources, inclu…

Stamford student doodles for Google

An elementary school student from Stamford might have a doodle he drew showcased on Google’s homepage. It’s all part of the annual Doodle 4 …

Mechanic built device for ICU patients

A mechanic and the hospital equipment he built for patients in the intensive care unit. It’s making a big difference in their recovery at Ha…