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recap sunset Hurricanes

Why sunshine makes ALL the difference!

If you watched me on the air last weekend, I spoke about temperatures for this weekend fondly. I said something along the lines of “we’re no…

ice storm Hurricanes

Freezing Rain in the forecast

Periods of light rain/drizzle will move through the state. With temps below 32 in some places this morning, it caused some freezing rain

veg garden 31 Hurricanes

Early Spring Gardening

I know it seems weird to talk about gardens considering the month of March has averaged temperatures in the thirties, but is there a way for…

extended 3 Hurricanes

Gray skies, showers into next week

Our best bet is to put on a happy face as gray skies dominate the weather scene in Connecticut through early next week.

monday morning Hurricanes

On Blossom Watch in New Haven

The typical scene during the end of April in Wooster Square in New Haven shows the sights, the sounds, and the celebration of spring.

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