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norwich drought well CT Radar

Did we get enough rain to benefit?!

Alright so we’ve gotten a decent amount of rain the last handful of days which is fantastic news for golf courses but is it enough to make s…

sam hour by hour29 CT Radar

Foggy and Rainy Tuesday

#WTNHweather/ Umbrella Alert again! Lots of clouds with periods of rain. Get the latest forecast from Storm Team 8.

2016 10 02 hurricane matthew CT Radar

Matthew and Otto gone for good!

Hurricane Matthew…that might be a name vaguely in your memory from this past hurricane season in the Atlantic. Otto, probably isn’t because …

recap sunset CT Radar

Why sunshine makes ALL the difference!

If you watched me on the air last weekend, I spoke about temperatures for this weekend fondly. I said something along the lines of “we’re no…

ice storm CT Radar

Freezing Rain in the forecast

Periods of light rain/drizzle will move through the state. With temps below 32 in some places this morning, it caused some freezing rain

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